We teach Aerial silks, Aerial hoop, Acroyoga, Pole dance, Aerial Yoga, Aerial fitness, Hula Hoop dance, flexibility, Yoga, hand balances, Pilates, dance, circus acrobatics to children and adults in Fuerteventura.

Teamwork makes the dream work:

The Manipura Circus Arts teachers come from all over Europe and speak many languages, but we all communicate and express ourselves with a certain ease. Our activities and approaches may be as diverse as our personalities but we share the passion for circus and healing arts. The school offers not only regular classes all year round, but also special events such as retreats, intensive training and festivals on the Canary Islands. We are artists, yogis, dancers and acrobats. All this together. We play with alignment, balance, creativity and lightness. The activation of our centre unfolds all inner talents and the ability to achieve great things. Manipura refers to your inner sun and represents your personal power. Our teaching philosophy is that the circus art is accessible to everyone, we take you there with humor, awearness, safety, optimism and motivation. When you connect to the source of all power it flows through you to encourage the power of others.


Austria (Founder, Acroyoga, Aerial silks, Yoga )

My mum started to share her Yoga practice with my sister and me when she returned from her teacher training in an Ashram in India almost 15 years ago.

Our first Acroyoga experience has also been as a Family and it immediately fascinated and bonded us. It was exciting to see that we broke through those typical roles in a family construct. The easy-going baby of the family became the strong and grounded base to rely on and trust in. My mum could let go of her worries and thoughtful caring instincts to enjoy flying light. We discovered strengths we didn’t know we had. We learned so much about support, empowerment, encouragement, communication and cooperation. We grew as a team, it welded us together and opened a door to other possibilities, we travelled to conventions. Then we established a studio where we could practice with the increasing group during the cold winter days. Now I am a certified partner-acrobatics teacher and part of a worldwide community sharing the passion and experience. Some years ago love brought me to this magical island Fuerteventura. Here I have been lucky to find like-minded people to practice, develop and have fun with.


France (Founder, Pole dance, Flexibility, Aerial hoop)

My acrobatic story begins early, as I started Artistic Gymnastics when I was three years old and attended competitions. Unfortunately, as a teenager I had to stop to focus on my studies. When I had the chance to learn from an excellent Pole Trainer some years ago, I totally fell in love with Pole dance. It reminded me of my gymnastic practice, that I have missed so much. I decided to pole dance as much as possible and became a teacher in Fuerteventura, to be able share what has been shared with me. Pole acrobatics is something that makes me feel happy and free. It allows me to leave my comfort zone and even though it can be scary sometimes, to overcome fear is boosting your confidence. As a Pole acrobat I do what I love. Teaching is not only a job; it’s sharing my passion and experience. It fills me with enthusiasm to show people their abilities, they were not aware of yet. Pole dance is a sport which requires strength, flexibility, contortion and creativity. It’s a challenging sport but it’s accessible to everyone who wants to surpass limits. I would be honored to introduce you to my practice and the beautiful acrobatic art of poling!



Yoga, Chinese Pole
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Acroyoga, Aerial silks


Pole dance, Flexibility, Aerial hoop