Weekly Pole dance, Aerial lyra, Aerial silks, Acroyoga, Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Aerial fitness, handstand, flexibility, Hula Hoop and dance classes for adults and children

Manipura Circus Arts offers daily dynamic and therapeutic courses such as weekly indoor trainings and jam sessions with the local community on the beach. Enjoy our circus classes under the guidance of certified instructors who will introduce you to their passion for acrobatics, Aerial dance, conditioning and restoration and share their personal practice, teaching methods, preparation training and safety instructions during their workshops. Every session will be exciting, challenging and full of surprises. Incredible things always happen when you cooperate and communicate full of trust, consideration and confidence.

Aerial-, Partner-, and Pole acrobatics or Acroyoga reveal all the hidden talents and the ability to create great things in the air. Learn to fly, base, spot, spin, dance during our training with a partner, silks or other items like poles or hoops. We love euphoria and creativity as much as relaxation. Our restorative practice includes Yoga, Pilates, flexibility, handstand and dance. Anything seems possible as long as you listen, care and perceive yourself, your partner and the environment. These disciplines can be used to prepare you for acrobatics classes so that you feel stable and comfortable everywhere in the same way: high in the air, on your feet or hands and with your partner’s body or simply to feel good and balanced.

It is not necessary to come with a partner, any equipment or to have any previous knowledge. Our classes are suitable for all ages, bodies and levels. All circus courses are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

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