Acroyoga Fuerteventura

Acroyoga is also known as the “Yoga of Trust” but why? There are three roles: Firstly as a Base you are connected to the ground and the interface between your flyer and the surface. You move, support and balance your partner and your communication will be a movement or a reaction to a movement. Secondly as a Flyer you will leave your comfort zone consciously and intentionally. The world looks completely different upside down and you may get confused. The practice will show you a different perspective and step-by-step you will develop awareness for your own body and your supportive friend in a playful way. Thirdly A Spotter is taking care that the vulnerable and precious partnership between Flyer and Base doesn’t get endangered. Safety is most important. You will always grow as a team. Every role and every position is equal, beautiful and unique and they are free from requirements and restrictions. Too heavy, not flexible or not strong enough doesn’t exist in Acroyoga. You should also try to swap the roles to empathize with your partner and discover their needs. You will also learn to ask for what you need.

Aerial acrobatics & Pole dance Corralejo

Manipura Circus Arts provides three types of Aerial dance: Aerial silks, Aerial hoop (lyra) and Pole dance. All spinning gears hang from the roof and can be used by the dancer to explore the difference in gravity, weightlessness and creativity. The variety of movement possibilities is not only a graceful physical exercise, but also a mental challenge, as it is a matter of remembering transitions or knot techniques to dance safely and fluently in the air. It uses the power to communicate with movement and express contemporary artistic ideas. We rise through lifting others. Our flying routines often include partnering and we invite to form doubles and tandem figures. Therefore, we also teach in two and combine our practice with foundations of Acroyoga and partner acrobatics on the floor. The introduction of a new element changes the dancer’s balance, center and orientation in space. Aerial art combines strength, flexibility with the beauty of dancing. The use of acrobatic tissues and hoops brings many benefits to the artists: agility, resistance, musculature, overcoming fear of heights and drops, breathing, determination, self-confidence such as trust and teamwork in your partner or teacher. The Aerial dance practice is accessible to everybody, every age and every sports background. We invite people who love to stand on their heads, to feel lightness and delve into circus disciplines.