Regular circus acrobatics classes and circus summer camps for children in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

A fun, guided way to discover circus arts, circus for kids is designed to create an acrobatic foundation and broadening creative expression. Classes facilitate children’s exploration of movement in a safe and family environment. Our trained staff introduce children to basic circus skills while developing motor skills, strength, balance, and flexibility. We also explore creativity, and joy in movement, while developing social skills such as team work and following instructions. Working together as pairs, groups, and as individuals, students will increase self-awareness, and build confidence, grace, and strength as they continue to cultivate their creative potential. Small group classes focused on cultivating the strength, body awareness, confidence, and personal style needed to unleash your child’s circus potential. Students will explore Aerial silks, Aerial hoop, Aerial trapeze, Pole dance, handstands, partner acrobatics, juggling, clowning, Hula Hoop dance and floor acrobatics during the classes. We work on building a strong foundation in technique and artistry while encouraging creative expression.