Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Aerial fitness, Pilates, handstand, flexibility courses and massage treatments and workshops in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

Our conditioning classes can be useful as a warm-up or cool-down technique, to prevent injuries or as a breathing method for your upcoming Acroyoga, Aerial, dance or acrobatic sessions. We focus on increasing balance, flexibility, endurance and strength. Develop self-confidence, stamina, body awareness with calm and serenity! Our classes include cardio, but also work on all your muscle tissue, increase flexibility and strength which is required in many circus classes. We work with active and passive flexibility, core strength, shoulder and hip opening, wrist conditioning, back bending and inversion fundamentals.

Apart from focusing on drills and positioning for acrobatic base we also give importance to the mental components and use elements of mediation, breathing exercises, massage and healing methods. We provide technical knowledge about your body and its anatomy and alignment. We want to encourage you to empathize within yourself, to feel what is good for you and to connect body, mind and breath.

We often use traditional Yoga with its hand balances Asanas or Pilates postures and mindfulness concepts. Our modifications and interdisciplinary methods allow students to explore their acrobatic abilities with additional strengthening and mobility.